Bladder Control Tea For Women (4.2 oz.) Bulk

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Bladder control for women. Very effective!

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1-2 cups a day.


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True Testimonials from Bell's Website
Just a few of many!

After hysterectomy had leaking bladder!
I had a leaking bladder after my hysterectomy for the last 15 years.With the first box of Bladder Control Tea for Women I had a great 70% gradual improvement. I expect that it will improve further and will continue with the tea. Had much better results with the tea than withKegel exercises, which I did for years.
Shawna Johnson, 44, Medicine Hat, AB 

From5 times to 1 time each night!
After using only half the box of Bladder Control Tea for Women I experienced a unbelievable miracle with my bladder problem. I suffered for 10 years. Instead of getting up 5 times I may only get up 1 time.There has been a steady improvement each day.
Janine Pelletier, 62, Quebec, QC

Second cup brought relief!
For a whole year I had on and off bladder infections which was very painful and frustrating to deal with every day. I was put 3 times onantibiotics with little or no effect. I still had the burning andurgency to go to the bathroom all the time. I was looking for a naturalsolution in a store and out of desperation I bought the Bell BladderControl Tea. To my surprise it started to work after the 2nd cup. Idon’t know what I would do without the tea. Thank you so muchfor your help. .
Judy Boyce, 53, Stonewall, MB

Had to run to the toilet every 10 minutes!
After drinking the Bell Bladder Control Tea for 3 weeks I enjoyedcomplete freedom from a very annoying bladder problem. I had frequentembarrassing accidents. Sometimes I had to run to the toilet every 10minutes for the last 3 years. I didn’t want the suggestedsurgery as I heard from other women that it was not always working outwell.
Christiane Michaud, 45, Laval, QC

20 years of bladder infections gone!
I’m so glad I found your Bladder Control Tea. I’veno more bladder infections since I started your tea. No side effects atall. My doctor prescribed for many years very strong drugs that did notprevent or control the problem. Why did I have to suffer for 20 years? Had one infection after another. None since I started the tea. Highly recommended to all those thousands of women that suffer like I did.
Regena McCloskey, 70+, Charlottetown, PE




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